Popular Types of Carpet in Australia

Have you ever visited a carpet retail store in Australia? Moreover, have you ever been confused about choosing the right carpet type? Are you aware of the different types of carpets? Nevertheless, carpets are the most important and used items on any property. Furthermore, carpet makes your house look good and welcoming. Therefore for choosing the right carpet you must be aware of the different carpet types. Hence in this article, we will be discussing the – Popular Types of carpets in Australia. So, read this article to know about which type of carpet you should add to your house. 

Different Types of Carpets Common in Australia

To make your carpet selection easy, we have shared a detailed guide on types of carpets. Following are some common and “Popular Types of Carpets in Australia“. Read the listed points very carefully: 

  • Wool Carpet: Wool carpets can be the warmest and most luxurious thing in your house. Moreover, wool carpets stay beautiful for years. Furthermore, wool carpet has a natural stain-protected quality. Even wool carpet has a soil releasing quality than other fibres. However, we recommend you should clean the wool carpet at regular intervals. 
  • Nylon Carpet: In most Australian properties, nylon is the most preferred carpet. Nevertheless, Nylon carpet is famous for its ultra-soft integrity. Moreover, nylon carpet is very durable and even stain resistant. Furthermore, nylon carpet is ideal for dealing in high-traffic foot areas. In addition, nylon is one of the cheapest carpets. Also, nylon carpets act as an alternative to wool ones. 
  • Polypropylene carpet: Polypropylene is the Popular Type of Carpet in Australia. Furthermore, polypropylene carpet is of synthetic fibre. So, polypropylene carpet is a great option for the people who are budget concerned. Also, polypropylene carpet is often demanded in rental buildings’ playrooms or garages. In addition, polypropylene carpet is stain and anti-static fade resistant.
  • Triexta Carpet: Triexta carpet is the newest demand in Australia. Further, Triexta carpet has high-end fibre. Thus it is commonly made of 37% renewable polymer. Regardless, Polymer for Triexta carpet is derived from corn sugar. Furthermore, the Triexta carpet is also stain-resistant and it can be cleaned with cold water. Similarly, like Nylon Triexta carpet is soft and even durable in use. Thus Triexta carpet is generally best for busy households. 
  • Loop Pile Carpet: Loop piles are smooth carpets common in Australia. Thus loop pile carpets are made up of loops creating a smooth surface. Furthermore, the loop pile carpets have a very formal and casual look. Importantly, loop pile carpets have a special quality, that is footprints on them are not visible. Moreover, loop pile carpets are excellent for busy areas. Some busy areas are hallways, staircases and family rooms. However, loop pile carpets are very popular in Australia. Therefore in Australia, you can find a wide range of loop pile carpet colours are available. 
  • Twist Pile Carpet: Twist pile carpets are durable and even popular for residential buildings. Moreover, twist pile carpets have cut loops that can easily be twisted. However, twist pile carpets are very much comfortable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the twist pile carpet doesn’t show tracking and watermarking. Further, Twist Pile Carpet comes in a large variety. 


Above are some “Popular Types of carpet Australia”. However, Nylon and Polypropylene are the most demanded carpet in Australia. Regardless, choosing the best type of carpet is the most challenging task. Therefore, for choosing the right type of carpet you must consult the professionals. Certified professionals know all the facts related to particular carpets. Moreover, even professionals will also advise some carpet care tips.